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Excavation - Rosemère - Rive-Nord | Laval - Daneo Excavation Inc.

An exceptional company on the North Shore / Laval - Rosemère


An exceptional company on the North Shore / Laval - Rosemère

More than 25 years of expertise. Established in Rosemère / Mirabel

The company Daneo Excavation is at the service of companies and individuals to perform excavation and earthworks. Our priority is to provide North Shore clients with sound advice while offering them a complete and personalized service tailored to their needs.

About us

Eric Ouellette, owner of Daneo Excavation, has over 25 years of experience in the excavation field. Our staff provides a multitude of services, including digging, leveling, drainage and complete earthworks. Our two experienced operators will be happy to provide you with a free estimate that will match your budget and schedule.

Versatile services for your satisfaction

Your renovation work may be charged on time or by contract. Whether you need to repair an aqueduct, enlarge your land or bury underground cables, we have the machinery that's right for you. Contact Daneo Excavation today!

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DANEO- Excavation Rosemere

25 years of experience

RBQ Licence

Quebec Housing Authority

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Some of the many projects Daneo Excavation Inc. has completed on the North Shore / Mirabel - Laval - Rosemère